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Third-cycle students

This program aims to bring together cultures, helping developing countries by financing exceptional students to study in Spanish universities, to carry out third-cycle studies (master’s degree or postgraduate). The selected students, besides attending their studies, will also gain personal experience that they will be able to share in their own countries once they return, promoting sustainable development.

After two years of preparation, the program was implemented for the first time in 2011, with the arrival of the first student that came from the Caddi Ayyad University, in Marrakech. He studied the master degree in Event Management – Business tourism of the EUTDH from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

This first edition of the program was possible thank to the altruistic collaboration of:

  • The Vice-chancellor of International relations from de Autonomous University of Barcelona that included this project under the shelter of their own international agreements.
  • The University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the Autonomous university of Barcelona that granted the gratuity of the registration for the masters degree.
  • The postgraduate School of the Autonomous University of Barcelona that omitted the university canon under their cooperation.
  • The Autonomous solidary Foundation that facilitated the free accommodation in the Campus during the student stay.