Fundació Kontrast
C. Sant Agustí, 3-5. Bajos
08012 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 476 20 34
Fax. 93 476 20 31

How to participate

How to participate | Tax incentives

Since inception, the Fundació Kontrast intends to be open towards society at two levels:

  • To all those companies and professionals that want to contribute with resources and to initiate new projects in the Fundació Kontrast, or collaborate in the willing work lines.
  • To the Non governmental organizations, institutions, volunteers, university departments and other social agents that, with their work, are able to realize the objectives proposed by the Fundació Kontrast.

There are different ways to participate in the Fundació Kontrast.

As a member

Companies and professionals that want to become members of the Fundació Kontrast must do a minimum annual contribution regarding the following terms:

Companies: 3.000 Euros (2 representatives in the Board)
1.500 Euros (1 representative in the Board)
Professionals: 600 Euros (2 representatives in the Board)
300 Euros (1 representative in the Board)

The Board of the Foundation will accept, according to its statutes, the proposals of the new members of the Fundació Kontrast.

By donations

The Fundació Kontrast will accept donations and grants coming from companies and professionals that desire to contribute to the activities that Fundació Kontrast promote, but do not want to accept the commitment that suppose being a member of the foundation.

As a volunteer

The Fundació Kontrast will choose among the best curriculums vitae, the best profiles in order to participate in the projects that are developed in Fundació Kontrast (investigation Grants, Third-cycle Studies, promoting the interchange of opinions…)