Fundació Kontrast
C. Sant Agustí, 3-5. Bajos
08012 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 476 20 34
Fax. 93 476 20 31

Members and Participants

Members and participants | The organization


Mr. Miquel Flamarich (BCF Consultors)

Mr. Miquel Puiggalí

Mr. Ezequiel Baró

Mr. Jaume Roqué (Districte Digital)
Mr. Josep Maria Tur
Ms. Isabel Gol (BCF Consultors)

Advisory commitee

Mr. Ignasi de Delàs
Mr. Francesc Freixa


Mrs. Ana Jurado

The organization

The government organs of the Fundació Kontrast provided according to its statutes and its organization chart are the following:

Council full member

Formed by the whole members of the foundation that contributes to the maintenance and management of its activities.

Board Member

Governing body, administrator and representative of the Foundation. Members are companies and professionals who were nominated in the incorporation and subsequent agreements of the Patronage.

The positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary are chosen, for a period of four years, among the members of the Board.

Delegate Committee

Executing body of the decisions adopted in the Board. Which is formed of: the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and an Executive Director.

Advisory committee

In order to be consulted, the Fundació Kontrast is assisted by the advice of a committee integrated by experts (from foundations, NGO’s, the scholar ambit…) who will be chosen by the Board. Those experts will be present in the Board in order to orientate the work lines of the Fundació Kontrast, and sporadically, facing the evaluation of the presented projects to the call of grants for investigation.