Fundació Kontrast
C. Sant Agustí, 3-5. Bajos
08012 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 476 20 34
Fax. 93 476 20 31


The Fundació Kontrast was created in 2001 with the aim to collaborate for the sustainable development of the Third World.

To achieve this aim, a group of companies and professionals joined forces and resources to create the foundation.

From its origins, the Fundació Kontrast has increased its board members and collaborators and it aims to keep growing.

The cooperation to development

The main objective of Fundació Kontrast is to create and maximize activities focusing on the promotion of the social, economical and cultural development of the disadvantaged collectives of the Third World. Thus, the Fundació Kontrast aims to be a platform for ideas and proposals, oriented to improve cooperation between collectives and territories.

Integration of efforts, companies and individuals willing to participate in activities of interest

To achieve this goal, the Fundació Kontrast brings together companies and professionals to participate in the activities of the organization and together achieve a greater social impact. Through the creation of a common space for dialogue to converge the different initiatives and contributions, it is intended to achieve greater efficacy than would be obtained individually.