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Grants for investigation


The FundacióKontrast periodically calls for grants to investigate the realization of studies, designed to promote sustainable development in Third World countries, in social, cultural, educational, technological and economic fields.

The grants are intended for organizations, associations, university departments, researchers, etc. Who want to have an analysis and a previous diagnosis of program design or implementation of cooperation projects in such a way to encourage the most appropriate and efficient performances in the field of development.

Call guidelines:

- Catalan version
- Spanish version
- Proposal requirements (Catalan)
- Proposal requirements (Spanish)

Investigation projects that have been subsidized by the Fundació Kontrast:

2010 Project for the implementation of a system for early detection of children at risk for behavior disorders, in families within social disadvantage Oruro, Bolivia: feasibility study. Associació Castellví Solidari - Junts Podem.
2009 Study of the Alphabetization of Nepalese women. Associació Amics del Nepal.
2008 Listening the voices and perceptions from the " Peace and Conflicts" students, from Sierra Leone. Sr. Òscar Mateos.
2007 Market Study of sustainable agriculture systems, to encourage the rural business development in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. Asociación Amigos de la Tierra.
2006 Study of the Educational reform in Guatemala. A critical balance after nine years. Educació Sense Fronteres.
2004-2005 River Project. Research for fish diversity conservation and sustainable use of fisheries on the Parana River, Argentina. Fundació Proteger.
2004-2005 Master Plan for water supply and sanitation in rural areas of La Libertad (El Salvador). Study of water resources in the basins of the region. Associació Catalana d'Enginyeria Sense Fronteres.
2003 Mechanisms for monitoring the distribution of revenues from oil exploitation in the Txad and their impact on poverty reduction. Sra. Ariane Francoise Victoria Arpa (Intermón Oxfam).
2003 Analysis models of intensive food production in the South, risks and benefits: The case of Chilean salmon. Sr. Ferran Garcia (Veterinaris Sense Fronteres).
2002 Study of feasibility and efficiency of government policies for the prevention and treatment of malaria in the province of Cabo Delgado (Mozambique). Sr. Vicens Martínez.
2001 Development and education: redefining the identities between Bolivian “aimares”. Sra. Neus Buerba.

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